Awesome workshop Visualizing Change by David Sibbet

Visual meeting guru David Sibbet was in the Netherlands, delivering a workshop on Visualizing Change. I can’t describe in words quite how inspirational this workshop has been for me… That’s why I’ll share a few of the 25 square meters of visual notes I took and some learnings in text that I took from the workshop at the end of this post.

PS I If you are in a role where you sometimes want to achieve something with other people (who isn’t) you should consider reading David’s first book on Visual Meetings. It is also available in Dutch.
PS II okay, yes, I’ll buy big paper, an A3 scanner and more colored markers.

Visual notes and assignment for myself (draw star person with muffin top)


Images spark imagination and other visual notes


About the role a consultant plays and how to (dis)empower the client


Visual setup of one of the inspirational examples we learned during the day

Simple graphical template for personal development throughout time

– in visual meetings you can get groups of people to ‘visually’ dance with each other (imagine the energy),
– visual templates are highly effective in change processes,
– with the right templates and visual exercises you’ll reach more in one day than you could in a week without them,
– working on paper appeals to the imagination more than working digitally,
– I love the physical aspect of working on paper and specially: