Live sketch brainstorm

That was awesome! Around fifteen creative people, dumping their brains about new hotel concepts. With live sketched results on a big screen. Using iPad, HDMI adaptor, Paper and Pencil from Fiftythree and enjoying every minute of it.

Why this works:
– seeing your idea being sketched on screen, encourages to come up with more ideas.
– looking back helps to grow ideas from the ideas that were brought up at the beginning.
– visualizing things is fun to look at, when you are looking, you don’t actually have to do something; your brain gets some rest.
– the notes are already there and can be shared with the crowd immediately afterwards.
– ideas that are longer the center point, get more visual attention.
– something happens, it turns into a happening.

It’s me, sketching. Thanks Dylan.


One of the (many many) ideas that came by. As you can see, it got to me šŸ™‚

So. Now I want more of this. At least once a month. That is going to happen. Wanna join, or need a live sketcher for a brainstorm or presentation? Let me know!;